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Tu B'sh'vat

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Tu B'sh'vat is a small holiday—but a wonderful one that has grown and expanded through the ages. Many Jews today celebrate Tu B'sh'vat by eating new fruits, donating money to environmental organizations, and planting trees. In the 16th century, Jewish Kabbalists in the city of Safed developed a Tu B'sh'vat seder to share fruits, nuts, wines and juices that symbolized the four worlds of mystic Jewish thought.

Join us from your home with your own fruits, nuts and wine or juice for the seder for our celebration of the "New Year of the Trees" with song, meditation, and mindful eating.

Here are some suggestions on what to have ready:

  • For mindfulness meditation: small piece of chocolate or raisins 
  • For the physical world: fruit that require protection, whose peel or shell cannot be eaten (almonds, walnuts, oranges, coconuts, Brazil nuts, pomegranates, pineapples)
  • For the emotional world: fruit whose pits or seeds cannot be eaten (peaches, plums, dates, avocados, cherries, apricots, olives)
  • For the world of creation: fruit that need no protective coverings or protected centers (figs, grapes, pears, apples)
  • For the world of spirit: nothing to eat, but perhaps smells such as spices
  • Bottles of dark and light wine/juices

In the cold of winter, let’s get ready for spring and renewal!



Sun, January 24 2021 11 Shevat 5781