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With BJC, Live YOUR Jewish Journey

Benefits of membership

Explore the countless ways to live your Jewish life. With BJC you will ...

* Find a Jewish community to call home 

* Develop a relationship with clergy who will share in your lifecycle events

* Enjoy spiritual fulfillment through music and song

* Gain access to High Holiday worship

* Welcome non-Jewish spouses/partners as full members participating in congregational life and worship services 

*Connect with opportunities for volunteering and social action

* Explore Torah and Jewish culture and history through programs, lectures, and study groups 

* Experience religious education for children and teens encompassing programs in and outside of the classroom.

* Find a unique community created by our shared space with a church and a mosque, allowing diverse backgrounds, interests and thought to enrich your Jewish journey

Please come experience a Shabbat with us, drop in for Torah study or attend one of our events and see for yourself . You can call the BJC Office at 301-469-8636 with any questions or let us know you will join us for a service, or event. 

Ready to become part of the BJC community? Click the link below.

Membership Application

More to consider:

1. All are welcome. We are a diverse congregation, not only from the perspective of how we practice Judaism, but also in our makeup. Many of our members have had traditional Jewish upbringings, others less so.  BJC stresses equal participation of all its members. At BJC you will find singles, couples, and families. We are committed to involving and respecting those with special needs, interfaith families, LGBTQ individuals and families, and people of color. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of our community. 

2. BJC chooses to remain independent, that is, not officially affiliate with any of the established movements. BJC takes a trans-denominational approach to Jewish worship and thought. We use prayer books of both the Reform and Conservative movements for their even-handed balance between Hebrew and English in the liturgy. We also use liturgies prepared by our Rabbi. 

3. We don’t pay dues; we pay synagogue support. Support of our synagogues and Jewish institutions is called for in the Torah. It is in this spirit that we need our members to contribute to keep the synagogue a center for education and spiritual life.

4. There’s no building fund!  Because BJC does not own its own facilities—we have permanent, shared sacred space at Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church. 


The following are our synagogue support levels in 2023-2024:

  • Family (non-retired couple, with or without children):  $3100
  • Retired couple:  $2425 
  • Single:  $2325
  • Retired Individual: $1825
  • Affiliate: $1250 (member of another congregation, who also wants membership privileges at BJC)
  • New Religious School Families are invited to pay no synagogue support for the first year of enrollment

**No one will be refused membership based on an inability to pay. Anyone wishing special arrangements should contact the our office for more information.


Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784