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BJC has an amazing array of published authors right in our midst.  

Show your support for our BJC authors! During May and June, these authors will donate $5 to BJC for every book purchased.

All published authors who are BJC members are invited to share information about their books. BJC reserves the right to select books that reflect the spirit and mission of BJC. 

Marty Ganzglass

Marty Ganzglass, well known for his historical novels about the American Revolution, has recently released Goats and other Stories, 10 short stories of unusual viewpoints: the perfect crime with a twist, a college student returns home due to the pandemic and reacts to the Black Lives Matter movement, an aging Italian living out his years in Somalia, a publisher dealing with a college classmate who believes he has written the greatest novel since Harry Potter, and others. 

The Penal Code of Somali Democratic Republic 

Somalia-Short Fiction 

Goats and Other Stories

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Diane Horn

Diane Horn, R.D.H. , C.H.H.C, and Certified Wellness Coach, published 7 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your Wow Factor, a guide for women over 50 who want to enter the second half of their life with purpose, passion, and play. This book will show you how not to let age define you and how to avoid feeling small and invisible. It's about rediscovering your best and reinventing the rest!

7 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your WOW Factor

Karen Levi

Karen Levi’s most recent book, A Smile That Lasts Forever, examines the difficult questions her grandparents faced as they left a well-established life in Germany, helped other family members escape from certain death, and how those traumas affected them and the next generations in a new country.

A Smile that Lasts Forever

Love and Luck: A Young Woman's Journey from Berlin to Shanghai to San Francisco

A Glass Shattered

Karen Levy

Karen Levy’s first book, Lulu Lamby, is the enchanting, illustrated children’s story of Sam and that special stuffed friend, Lulu Lamby, who often gets left behind. The book was reviewed by Kirkus Reviews in January 2021, and it was called “a relatable tale about comfort items for young readers." BJC Past-president, Shoshanah Drake, has developed music education curriculum materials using the book.

Lulu Lamby

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