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Inside BJC Insights:  A Don't Miss Article in this Month's Issue

From the ICPC: Action to Support the Uyghurs--Stop the Genocide  By Marty Ganzglass, Co-Chair



The Beijing Winter Olympics are less than six months away. Like the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which was a showcase for Nazi Germany, China hopes the world will ignore its genocide of the Uyghurs and enhance China’s reputation in the world. A diplomatic boycott of the Chinese Winter Olympics will increase worldwide awareness of the Uyghur genocide and send a signal to China that it will be held accountable. A diplomatic boycott means no head of state or elected official will attend the Winter Olympics.


There are several bills pending in the House of Representatives supporting a diplomatic boycott by the United States. Contact your Members of Congress and tell them you support a diplomatic boycott of China’s Winter Olympics.

Also, as you may have seen in a recent BJC Now, Rabbi Sunny signed a letter both as an individual and on behalf of BJC to condemn China’s policies toward Uyghurs and to call on the Administration to prioritize human rights in U.S. policy toward China. Read the full letter here

Every person can make a difference.

Do your part to stop the genocide. Do not stand idly by.

Click here for more information.

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